Upcycled Guitars Made From Abandoned Homes


Wallace Detroit Guitars are making musical lemonade by using disassembled wood from Detroit’s abandoned homes to create upcycled guitars.

The instruments emphasize the heritage of Detroit and build on the city’s musical legacy. Each guitar is built to demanding specifications, and features high-quality hardware and hand-wound pickups.


To me, these guitars are unique not only because of the city’s musical history, or that they’re made from houses that have been abandoned due to the decline of Detroit, but because the reclaimed wood used to create them resulted is some of the most beautiful guitars I’ve ever seen. It’s almost as if the first step to building a truly spectacular guitar is to build a house with the wood.


Of course, Detroit is probably most famous for it’s automotive manufacturing history, which makes these upcyled seatbelt guitar straps from Pure Detroit a perfect compliment to Wallace Detroit Guitars.

[via Upcycle That]


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