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Bass Cannon – The Portable Party


Adam’s Science Website puts it like this: Bass Cannon is a party on your shoulders. A weapon of mass destruction. A thing to make your neighbors angry.

Bass Cannon is a mono audio system with a pair of x-pass filters, a powerful amplifier and suitable drivers. It’s composed of an AirZooka, a pair of voice coils, epoxy, some miscellaneous analog parts, a class D amplifier, a lithium-polymer battery, birch plywood, and a threaded rod, and assembled with a soldering iron and a laser cutter. There are two potentiometers for the pair of first order filters, and a Pyle PLPW8D voice coil fits perfectly inside the AirZooka case, leaving just enough room for the range driver with a threaded rod support to be placed in front of it. Adam states there is no battery management or protection circuitry, but that it would be simple to add if wanted.

Here is a schematic:



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