Cosplay artist, maker, tinkerer, and inventor Thomas Lemieux (aka The Iron Man of Maine) made a huge splash at World Maker Faire in New York last year when he showed up in a full Iron Man costume complete with arc reactor. He spent lots of time posing for pictures and giving high-fives to kids (and adults) who wanted to meet their hero.


Not one to repeat himself, Thomas will be returning to Maker Faire this September with a Stark Industries twist on a different pop culture icon. Let me give you a hint. Who ya gonna call? Thomas will be dressed as a Ghostbuster decked out with equipment provided by “Stark Industries”. His red and gold proton pack and slime blower will undoubtedly be a hit.

Thomas has other projects, including an Ultron costume. To learn more, check out the Iron Man of Maine website or visit his Facebook page.