Don’t Replace, Repair from Sybile Penhirin on Vimeo.

Much of society has a bit of an addition to consumerism, and to disposable technology. There’s an opposing force to this trend, which is alive and well in the hearts of makers and DIY enthusiasts. It’s the drive that whispers (or screams) to us, “don’t throw it away, fix it!”

One small group fighting industry’s planned obsolescence of products is Brooklyn based Fixers Collective. Program Director Vincent Lai says reusing or fixing objects is often better than recycling. He cites figures that only 40 to 60 percent of recycled material avoids the landfill. Beyond that, he says it’s fun to watch the “eureka moment” when participants pull the chain on a formerly broken lamp they learned to fix themselves.


Fixers Collective will be at World Maker Faire in New York this September running fixing sessions. So bring along your broken items, and the expert fixers at their table will help you repair it. The goal is more about showing people that they can fix their own things, rather than fixing them for them. The collective will also have live demos of popular and common fixes and teardowns.

You can learn more about the Fixers Collective by visiting their Facebook page.