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How To: Paper Bag Origami Wallet


Looking for a quick custom wallet? Well, if you’ve got a paper bag lying around, then you can get started on your own paper bag origami wallet with this tutorial by Taiwanese digital advertising designer Mr. Zhou, as well as a detailed video tutorial by Youtube user thebigbluevan.

If you’re satisfied with the results of your paper wallet, it seems like you could always make a more permanent version from fabric, which I image would hold together pretty well with a few well placed stitches and maybe some iron-on interfacing.


2 thoughts on “How To: Paper Bag Origami Wallet

  1. Here’s the Chinese tutorial of a waterproof, long version:

    Steps 10 and on is instructions for folding the long wallet. Should be fairly self-explanatory.

    Waterproofing was done by putting transparent adhesive vinyl onto both sides of the paper. The adhesive vinyl seems very common/popular in Taiwan, but I had a hard time finding the English translation! It’s supposedly called “cutting sheet” but I couldn’t even find the right thing on Amazon. Adhesive vinyl, like those for Silhouette/Cricut, seems to be the closest match.

    1. I’d suggest using clear Contact paper. It comes in rolls, can be cut easily with scissors, and is usually found in the kitchen organization section of most big box stores.

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