If, for some unfathomable reason, you are absolutely unable to make it to World Maker Faire New York this year, and find yourself in San Francisco instead, then you might as well salvage your weekend by doing the next best thing and attending a yarnbombing workshop. Put on by infamous yarn bombers, and Maker Faire alums, Jill and Lorna Watt of Knits for Life and The Dapper Toad fame, this explosive event promises to turn even a knitting novice into a fiber demolitions expert.

This all-ages class will take you through the process with a collaborative yarnbomb, from choosing a site to design and construction. Try your hand at a hand-crank knitting machine, learn about the history of yarnbombing, and maybe even form your new crew!

The workshop takes place Saturday, September 20 from 3:00pm – 5:30pm at Urban Bazaar in San Francisco. Be there or be granny squares!