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Pi Top: 3D printed, Full Sized, Raspberry Pi Laptop

cAfd9DBThe Pi Top is an educational kit. It appears as though it is in the early stages of planning an upcoming crowdfunding campaign. the basic idea is that you assemble the entire laptop yourself and learn a few things along the way. There are a series of lessons packaged in software that come along with the raspberry pi powered laptop as well. To find out more about the entire Pi Top project, you can check out their website and sign up for updates as they get closer to opening their campaign.

What caught my eye on this project was the log they shared of trying to prototype their fully 3D printed laptop case.

They shared those pics on reddit with the following tech specs on the print

Printer used: Rostock Max V2 kit – with E3D full metal hotend

Filament: PLA 1.75mm nozzle: 205 Bed temp: 55 Speed: 70mm/sec

Print time: 3 prints total (two pieces together and the two larger pieces seprately) roughly 160 hours of printing

Support settings: KISSlicer with medium support, at 45 Degrees with a horizontal gap (from object) of 1mm.

De-string Settings: Prime 5.5mm Suck: 5.4mm Wipe:5mm Z-lift: 1mm

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