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Painting with Plants Found Growing Wild on the Maker Faire Grounds



Artist Ellie Irons is holding a unique painting workshop today at the CUT/PASTE/GROW table at World Maker Faire. What makes her workshop special are the pigments and dyes that her workshop participants are using, they’ve all come from plants that Irons found growing on the World Maker Faire grounds at the New York Hall of Science.


Some of the plants that Irons found include: Pokeweed, Bittersweet Nightshade, and Asiatic Dayflower. The workshop is part of her research-based art project called Invasive Pigments, which explores “the migration and proliferation of certain plants in tandem with dense human populations.” So, if you’d like to make your very own painting from plant species found in the local environment, then look out for Ellie Irons over in Zone 2!


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