At the busy 3d Hubs exhibit

Got a 3D printer? Want to make some money with it?

Go talk to 3D Hubs, along “Startup Row,” over near the Maker Shed.

3D Hubs facilitates transactions between 3D printer owners and people that want to make 3D prints.

Printer owners can join the Hubs listing in their city to offer 3D printing services in their neighborhood, and customers can locate printer owners to get stuff printed nearby.

The fast-growing network currently has around 7,000 3D printers connected in hundreds of cities around the world.

Oh yeah, while you’re there pick up a free “Marvin,” 3D Hubs’ mascot.





A detail from a recent 3D Hubs map, showing its presence in 200+ cities in Europe, and more than 100 cities in the US.