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Gorgeous Wooden Table Built Using Only Hand Tools
Chris’s table was built using reclaimed wood and hand tools only
Chris’s table was built using reclaimed wood and hand tools only

So, what do you get your significant other for your 20-year anniversary? Traditionally, it’s usually something made from porcelain or platinum like dinnerware or jewelry. If you’re a craftsman like Chris (from Chop With Chris fame), you build an incredible dining room table made from reclaimed wood and rough-sawn lumber, cobbled together using nothing but hand tools. The chestnut base and supports were dovetailed and pegged together making for a sturdy foundation with notched pieces for the table’s top surface. The top itself was made using several walnut boards with chestnut edges and breadboard ends, which were joined together, sanded to perfection and oiled to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.


It took Chris 160 hours spread over six months to complete the build, which surprised his wife who considered the gift both beautiful and priceless. Chris is certainly talented with his woodwork and a step-by-step video was made to show what it took to build his dining table for those who would like to give it a try. See more in the videos and after this link.



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  1. Good job. Using dowels or splines to join the table top boards would have been a lot quicker than carving individual holes for biscuits.

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