Recently, the folks at Trotec laser moved into a new larger office. This is generally a good sign for a business, but unfortunately there wasn’t a good area for guests to wait in, just a large open hallway. Marketing specialist Kristina decided to take matters into her own hands and make one herself. This was facilitated, naturally, by their office laser cutter, and the results in the gallery at the end of the article look great.

It’s great to see the pieces being made in the video below. I’ve got a little CNC router, which is awesome (and has the advantage of cutting in the Z direction), but the ease-of-use and potential cutting area of a laser cutter has always looked really appealing to me. You also generally don’t have to fixture anything with a laser since light is doing all the cutting.


To be fair, my understanding is that there can be some issues with fumes when using this kind of cutter, and I’m sure the laser elements can be sensitive. Also of note, if you want to do anything in 3 dimensions, it’s definitely limited. Still, getting great results like this with your project with what seems like very little effort has to make producing your creations so much easier!