Cool Crowdfunding: September 27, 2014

5axis Master

A desktop sized 5 axis milling machine. Future improvements include a 3d printing head, water jet head, and hot wire cutting.

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literally a tiny itty bitty screen.  Stacks onto the tinyduino platform.

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A re-imagining of the old acrylic photo cube.

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tiny stackable arduino compatable boards.

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Easy to use prototyping system with magnetic snapping connections

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A virtual reality mount for your ipad.

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Cake Board

Protoboard that can be stacked and mounted to lego.

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Access the console of your beaglebone black wirelessly.

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A case for the Raspberry Pi b+. It is lego compatable, clean, tough, and has a built in gopro mount.  There is also a smaller case for the pi camera.

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Precision sensing for tracking your bicycle.

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