6. foodini

banner_eventi_itaItaly is an interesting place to have a discussion about the future of food. In a country steeped in gastronomic tradition, a food printer might seem gauche, if not downright offensive. But at Maker Faire Rome, attendees will be confronted with 3D printed food — and may even get a taste.

Dovetailed, a 3D fruit printer, will be on hand, pumping out little spheres of “bespoke fruits”. Health-food Dippin Dots, or the future of food? Either way, it’s not grandma’s lasagna. Foodini (pictured, with video below), a printer that emphasizes fresh ingredients and recently received a grant from NASA to pursue off-world food printing, will be there as well.

But of course, these are just two of the more than 600 displays at Rome’s second Maker Faire, scheduled for October 3-5 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica. The faire is part of a larger “Innovation Week” in that city, with other events — like a hackathon and an open hardware summit — helping to promote research, experimentation, and sharing. Not in Rome? Watch for more coverage here.