Rethinking Everything with LG at Maker Faire New York

16wmf-jbrv-1h2a2100One particular exhibit that really caught my eye this year was LG. Nestled between the many large white “event tents” that house most exhibitors was the LG Rethink Everything booth. Their entire area was built and decorated with repurposed pallets — from the structure itself, to the tables and all of the plant holders. Not only was it visually refreshing, I picked up a couple of ideas that I may have to implement the next time I see a stack of pallets going to waste.

MFNY14_GuntherKirsch_LG-4 (Medium)

Once you stepped inside, you could clearly see that LG gets the maker mentality. Sure, they want to show off their products, but they didn’t just haul in their appliances and talk about how great they are. They literally ripped parts from them and let makers build things with these parts. You could create characters to race on washing machine motors, and make little decorative light and sound boards with LG displays. People were learning to solder and having fun. To top it all off, they had a cool little printer so you could take a picture of your racing creation and take a print with you, like an old Polaroid.


Great job LG, You rocked this year. We can’t wait to see you next year, and we know we’re not the only ones.

racing hand made monsters on a repurposed LG motor
racing hand made monsters on a repurposed LG motor

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  1. Thank god a huge multi-national electronics company has given the maker movement the big thumbs up! I feel validated! Whee :)
    Simple is the new Smart!


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