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DIY Miniature Pumpkin Garden


Rather than just carving your pumpkin into a hollow-headed jack-o-lantern, why not try making it into a spooky nighttime scene like this ingenious DIY pumpkin garden by miniature gardener Janit Calvo of Two Green Thumbs?

We took a centerpiece that was made for Halloween – it was a miniature greenhouse carved out of ghost pumpkin where we had cut the pumpkin in half, and carved windows into the top half to make it look like a greenhouse, more or less. We planted some young starts, moss and grasses that love to be indoors, into the bottom half. We added couple of mini pumpkins, a tea light, a wee bench to sit on, and a couple of tombstones and created a very haunted mini garden for a centerpiece for the Halloween table.


Of course, your miniature pumpkin garden will only last for a few weeks before the pumpkin starts to rot, but you can try just planting the whole thing in your garden or a large pot and keep the spookiness going year-round!


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