With the plethora of tutorials available on the interents, it can be easy for a big one to get away sometimes. It seems like there are so many tutorials out there that are so specific that it can be hard to find a good tutorial for a basic life skill. So, if you’re planning to go fishing anytime soon or, by some mysterious turn of events, you end up with a fresh fish on your hands, make sure you know how to handle the situation with this great tutorial from FOOD52 on how to gut and scale a fish.

You’ll know exactly how the fish has been processed, from where and when it was caught (if you have a local, reliable fish stand) to the way it was cleaned to how it was cooked. You can claim complete ownership over this fish.


So, before zombies, robots, aliens, or super-intelligent crows destroy civilization as we know it, make sure you know how to deal with a fish. Of course, you may have to figure out how to catch one first!