R2 Builders and 501st Legion at Atlanta Maker Faire


On Saturday, October fourth, I was privileged enough to attend the Atlanta Maker Faire as a spectator, and to take photographs and report for Makezine. It was a great experience, and I think anyone that regularly exhibits their work can learn a lot from being on the other side of the table!

One of the first setups that I ran into was the 501st legion which had an adjoining booth with the R2 Builders. Although not the same organization, they naturally share some common interests and consider themselves loosely affiliated. The slideshow below shows some shots of their incredible handiwork.

From a craftsmanship perspective, both of the subjects in this exhibit were pretty incredible. Not having seen the work of the 501st before, their costumes look like they could easily pass for the genuine article, and I was fortunate enough to walk by the booth later when the exhibitors were fully dressed in their battle gear. Apparently it takes quite a while to put on.

As an engineer, and someone who’s hobby “engineering” projects tend to look less than well-finished, the R2 builder table was another incredible exhibit. The R2 unit seen above looked like a perfect replica, and they had quite a few parts on display at the booth. Like any hobby, you can take things as far as you want; it seems these people have come close to mastering their craft!

Be sure to check out the 501st interview Make did a few months ago for a little more insight into this group.

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