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Autodesk’s Design Night


Have you ever dreamt of an event that combines all things art, design, and tech all in one hip place? The dream is over my friends, Autodesk hosts a fantastic state of the art event called “Design Night” at their San Francisco gallery at One Market.

Design Night happens the first Thursday night of every month and is based off of revolving themes. Some recent themes include: Energy Hacking, Robotics, Tech Couture, Music, The Future of Transportation and many other enticing topics. Over 450 tickets are sold to the public for the exclusive party, and usually sell out within days of their release. Design Night has become one of the most anticipated tech events in the area. The event offers the ongoing galleries exhibits created by using many of Autodesk’s software and technologies, from heartwarming stories of tech’s helpful influence to the latest in innovation. During Design Night, the show is curated to feature hands on activities focusing on the theme as well as guest speakers who are leaders in their field. The event is more of a casual celebration of learning rather than a lecture.

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I’ve been a long time attendee of Design Night, from working the event to sitting back enjoying it. I still get the same feeling walking into the event as I did the first time I went, an overwhelming sensation of wanting to immerse myself in the magic of making and inspiring others. When you first arrive you’re greeted with cocktails and snacks meticulously crafted along the theme of the event. The space is transformed with smooth dim lighting and a DJ enticing a relaxed vibe for mingling. There are activities for all ages to experiment within the night’s theme. The last Design Night I attended, folks were making solar powered hand held fans. Not only were people learning the basics of how a solar panel works, they were creating their own take away projects, while discussing energy hacking. Every event brings the same level of high standards and the previous one – A fun learning environment for everyone.


I’m absolutely blown away by the community outreach efforts that Autodesk has presented within the community of makers and beyond. The openness yet exclusivity of these events provoke something within people to do more, create more, and cultivate solutions to problems no one ever thought they had the power to solve. Let’s hope this event and others like it start a trend with more companies worldwide to empower their community and share their knowledge.

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