Anyone that’s a fan of animated Japanese robots has probably dreamed of building one. After (hopefully quickly) realizing that this just wasn’t going to happen, making a model might have been a better option. For those of us that don’t have the patience or steady hand to paint a plastic model, Legos might seem like a good robot-building option.

Unfortunately, Legos don’t normally lend themselves well to building a humanoid Mecha robot. If, however, you are able 3D Print a frame for the pieces to fit on, things become a lot simpler, as shown in the video below. You can download the files for these prints from Thingiverse, or directly from the creator, Hero Design Studio.

According to the io9 article where this was originally seen, these models stand at an impressive 11 inches tall, and are ready to be posed however you like.

Certainly one would need a lot of skill and a huge number of Lego bricks to make a decent looking suit like the “Snow Fox” in the video. I have a feeling that if I tried this, it would end up looking more like an exploded gray castle. On the other hand, why would it have to look like a “Mecha?” Using this frame, your creature could be anything you like, as long as it’s vaguely humanoid!