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How-To: Bake a Cake in an Orange

Apparently orange rinds are nature’s cupcake tins, as Youtube user NorthSurvival demonstrates in this ingenious tutorial video on baking a cake in an orange rind. Even though this tutorial shows you how to make the cake with a campfire, this process will also work with a barbecue or conventional oven. So, the next time that you make some homemade OJ, be sure to keep this video in mind and you can have some tasty cupcakes in those leftover rinds!

[via Nag on the Lake]

0 thoughts on “How-To: Bake a Cake in an Orange

  1. Did the cake have an orange flavor and can you use cake mix. If you do this in an oven can you leave the top off. It would be fun to make these for a party. Looks yummy I will definitely try this. Love the idea.


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