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Knitted Patrick Dempsey


If you’re a knitter who’s looking for a constructive way to express your affection for a certain celebrity, then you might consider taking a page out of Tumblr user Knitted Patrick Dempsey’s book, who, as their name suggests, knits finger puppets based on pictures of actor Patric Dempsey. In fact, these finger puppets are such impressive pieces of knitted handiwork that they’ve managed to become celebrities themselves with a hilarious appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

I love projects like this, which demonstrate how the internet makes it possible to share thoughtful or quirky craft projects with the very people who they are meant to amuse!


If you’d like to see more knitted celebrity finger puppets, then be sure to take a peek at Knitted Chris Lilley too!

[via Fannish Knits]

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