If you need a desk you can, of course, always buy one. Or you can make an excellent “normal” desk with right angles and the occasional rounded edge. On the other hand, you could make a truly exotic aluminum covered aviation-themed desk like the one pictured above.

The results look very good and well polished. Naturally, results like this don’t come about easily. According to the imgur part 1 documentation of this project, 60 hours had gone into the project by the end of the “part 1” documentation. I hope to see “part 2” soon. Hopefully this will explain the finishing process.

The part 1 documentation, of which an abbreviated version can be seen below, goes through what appears to be most of the woodworking process. Like a real plane, spars had to be constructed, as well as rib members that were rounded off to give it an “aerodynamicish” look. The frame was then covered with a thin layer of aluminum .5 millimeters thick. Not seen in the documentation, but hinted at in the text, the final version has plastic pipes running through it for efficient cable management.


If you’d like even more information and comments on this project than the image set gives out, it was originally seen here on Reddit.