It’s easy to get making if you have unlimited funds to set up a great makerspace and outfit it with all the newest tools, but what if you had just a sawbuck to spend? What would you make and how?

That’s the question that James Cunningham recently asked us on behalf of an elementary school in Mamaronek, New York, where he works. Serving a low-income student body, James is planning a Maker Night for about 70 students. His budget? Ten bucks a head.

We immediately thought of Squishy Circuits, which saves money when utilized with homemade Play-Doh, can serve four to seven people with one kit, and is a great introduction to the wonders of LEDs and motors, but wanted to turn to the higher minds of the Maker world.

What project do you suggest James do with new, young Makers for $10 or less? Please add your thoughts in the comments below.