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From The Gift Guide: Tremendous Tools And Tech

techMakers need tools. Its simple, we can’t make stuff without the proper tools. Maybe that tool is a screwdriver, maybe it is a scanner, maybe it is just storage for the parts of our projects. We have to have them or nothing will get done! The Tools & Tech section of our Ultimate Makers Gift Guide is the absolute best place to find the next tool for the maker in your life.


gg-prettyThis year’s guide features some incredible tools such as the new Sprout by HP which functions as an all-in-one computer, 3d scanner, interactive input surface and more! We’ve never seen anything like it.  On the other end of the spectrum we have Heavy Duty Scissors, an absolute necessity for any workshop.

Know someone who wants to get started with electronics but hasn’t yet ventured into the feild? They might appreciate a Deluxe Electronics Toolkit as well as some storage for all those tiny bits and pieces.





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