I was recently at my local craft supply shop and noticed a zip tie crafting kit for kids. I thought to myself, what a cool material for making art. A quick search on the internet revealed so many more awesome projects people have already done with the humble zip tie.

Check out this collection of cool projects people have pulled together (heh heh). The links below the photos will take you back to the source of the image.


Upscaled Lantern


Painted Zip Tie Lampshade

Screen shot 2012-12-29 at 10.22.03 PM

A Neat Fruit Bowl


An Everlasting Fireworks Display


Woven Wearable Necklace Pendant


Chainmail and Zip Tie Necklace


Fashion Meets Art. Explorations in textiles by Emily Wainwright.


Another gorgeous piece of wearble art from Emily Wainwright.

Lamp Post Blue Yellow

Flaming Cactus, zip ties installed on a lamp post.

This is one in a series of public installations created by the Art Collective, Animus.

Originally 4 poles were created for the FIGMENT Arts Festival on Governors Island in 2011.  The project was then picked up by the New York City Department of Transportation as part of their Summer Streets program, where it more than tripled in size to 14 poles.  Now, in partnership with the Hudson Square BID, a new 23 poles are being brought to life along Spring Street in the Hudson Square neighborhood of New York.