Add Some Chaos To Your Holidays This Year

Add Some Chaos To Your Holidays This Year

Most engineers will immediately recognize the amusing double pendulum in action here from school. This simple display of physics in motion never fails to captivate. Any time there’s one out in the open, a crowd of people tend to gather around and watch. The unpredictable and chaotic appearance of the motions is usually only compounded when you point out that the things aren’t motorized in any way, this is just gravity at work.

Bill Gurstelle, a frequent author here at Make, has shown us how to make our own in the past.

You can find the rest of the directions on how to make that double pendulum here.

Of course, we know that not everyone is up for the task of drilling all those holes and creating their own from scratch. Bill has come to the rescue again with a simple kit that allows you to quickly put together your own chaos machine that has a magnetic back, so you can stick it to any metal surface.


You can find this kit at Fatbrain Toys for $39.99 and add some chaos to your holidays this year!



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