Why buy new rubber bicycle grips when you can make your own at no cost, or at least a small fraction of what you’d pay to buy new ones. Plus, you can use recycled materials: your belt. Or, if you really like your belt and don’t want to trash it, pick up one from your local thrift store!

The leather grips are made onto a pair of worn out lock-on grips. If you don’t have any, you can find some pretty cheap on Ebay for around $3. You’ll also need a razor (or knife), a good pair of scissors, a piece of thick fishing line, a Dremel, and needle-nose pliers.

Strip off the rubber from the old rubber grips, cut your belt into strips that fit the circumference and length of the grip space where you stripped off the rubber, drill holes into the leather with the Dremel, and thread the fishing line through to thread the strips together. Goodbye old belt, hello fancy new grips!

For more steps on the process click here.