toddy-tips-1Photo: Mark Weinberg

Nothing beats coming in out of the cold and sitting down with a nice hot toddy. Hot water, whiskey, lemon, and honey are a recipe for toddy success for me, but if that isn’t exactly your cup of tea, or you’d just like to throughly examine all your toddy options, then be sure to see How to Make a Hot Toddy Without a Recipe over at Food52.

Unlike carefully balanced Negronis and perfectly shaken martinis, a hot toddy scoffs at measurements, asking for just a pour of booze and a cupful of hot water and a spoonful of sugar. Make it as strong or as sweet as you like; add enough lemon to make it bracing or just a squeeze to lighten things up. Start with bourbon, then branch out to other spirits once your bottle runs dry.

Here’s to a perfectly toddified winter!