If you’re tired of folding up a piece of paper into a triangle “ball,” Here’s another interesting idea for papercraft football, just in time for bowl season! This game looks to be a combination of electric football, where plastic “players” are moved around the vibrating playing surface, and a bristlebot, that moves with its own vibrating motor.

As of now, there are only two teams available, the Dragons, and the Unicorns. I’d have to assume that they are natural enemies. If you’d like to make up your own team logo, a blank player is available. Also available for download and cutout is a turkey, which, although it looks like fun, I’m not entirely sure what it does.

Even if constructing your own paper football league doesn’t appeal to you (yet), be sure to check out the well-made video below. Like real football, just because you don’t actually play, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a match!

If you do decide to construct a team, you could rig up your own vibrating motor to power the player. If you’re not interested in wiring one up, Kitronic has clever units available that charge by simply plugging into a USB drive. Something like this would also be useful for a ready-made bristlebot, or whatever other creations you could come up with.