Make an Ornament Today with littleBits and RadioShack in Times Square

littleBits Blinking

If you’re in the Times Square, New York area, you owe it to yourself to visit the Times Square RadioShack today. They’ve got a room set up where you can look at a whole bunch of littleBits demos, and even make your own littleBits ornament that you can take home.

Come in, pick up a power bit, a battery, a pulse bit, and an LED bit. Get your circuit working, and grab an ornament, tinsel, and other decorations, and you’re on your way to a blinky wonderland.

Full house

#HackYourHoliday Makeathon in Times Square with RadioShack!

Join littleBits on Saturday, December 13 at RadioShack
RadioShack #2700 – Times Square – 1565 Broadway, New York, NY

Hacking the holidays with littleBits
Hacking the holidays with littleBits

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