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3D printing prosthetics isn’t exactly the newest thing in the world, but this take on it is surprisingly refreshing. This dog named Derby was born with disfigured legs. Running, or even walking, simply wasn’t possible. While you can see that a wheel rig was in use for some time, 3D Systems has created some prosthetics that allow Derby to actually run.

I’ll admit, I was fairly skeptical as I hit play. However, the moment you see the dog actually using the prosthetics in what appears to be a fairly natural way, I was won over. I would have loved to have seen the next iterations that were taller too. Great Job 3D Systems, this is absolutely how you should be showing off your tools!

33 thoughts on “3D Printed Prosthetics Allow Dog To Run

  1. You have opened the world to this dog and given him the best gift ever.
    I got tears in my eyes watching this.
    This dog loves to run and now he can!

    1. Just because of this? the prostheses. keep the dog outbalance (the rear legs still to high ) is not a big deal really.

      1. “We started him off really low… so it wouldn’t be too drastic” I take that to imply that they will reprint taller prosthetic replacements over time, as he becomes accustomed to the increases in height, if that’s what you were commenting on.

      2. you are a negative moron who sees the worst in everything, and people like you are what’s wrong with the world.

  2. That’s an incredible story. It’s surprising how well Derby adapted to his prosthetic legs. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fascinating design! I’d love to see him in action once he’s graduated to taller prosthetics. Then he’ll really be able to engage his rear legs properly.

  4. Que Dios le de larga vida a los que hicieron realidad la felicidad para este perrito y sus amos. Este video es mi mejor regalo de Navidad.

    1. its so good of you to find something to criticize instead of watching the video that clearly explains the smaller prosthetics.

      Truly, thank you.

      1. Get over yourself. I was watching at work so I didn’t have sound. All I was pointing out was that it might hurt his back. Seriously, get a life.

  5. Not to sound mean. My concern is the dogs back. She slouched when she was wearing the 3ds. Can you make them taller? Beautiful story and I’m happy she got the opportunity to walk without the wheels. God bless you.

  6. Heart warming, thank you for the kindness and selflessness. One observation, would the dog’s body be aligned better if the prosthetics were a bit higher? Not that it is an issue, the dog is clearly having the time of his life! Happy holidays!!! Don

  7. If they made those higher, I think it will hurt the dog’s arms or he might fall as he runs fast. So they probably designed it closer to the ground.
    I’m happy to see this!

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