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Lumecluster “Nightmare” Mask Lives up to Its Name


If the picture seen above doesn’t scare you, or at least freak you out a little, the videos at the end of this post should do the trick. As seen on 3Dprint.com, Melisa Ng has come up with a 3D printed mask that I hope doesn’t show up in my dreams anytime soon!

As freaky as it looks, the mask is quite harmless, unless you include the relatively high voltage used in the lighting. This intense green light is provided by electroluminescent, or “EL” wire applied with a hot glue gun. Each of these wires follows the external layer pattern, causing its fearsome appearance.

If this is a little much for you, Melisa’s artistic expression goes well beyond the extremely scary. Her Shapeways site has some masks that are actually quite beautiful, such the one seen below. There are plans to light a “dreamer” mask like this as well, however, the goal will be something much more friendly.


If this scary creation has you thinking about next Halloween already, it would be hard to beat for pure “terrifyingness.” If, however, you’d like something with more humor than terror, maybe this Beetlejuice costume could provide some inspiration!


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