Designer Anouk Wipprecht creates some of the most intricate, tech-infused apparel ever made. From her show-stopping Faraday dress, demoed at Bay Area Maker Faire 2014, to her mood-logging Synapse dress, she’s pushing the boundaries of what is possible with today’s technology.

We caught up with Anouk and her frequent model collaborator Whitney at CES 2015 to get an up-close look at her latest creation, an Intel Edison-powered, 3D-printed Spider Dress. The Giger-esque project contains various outward-facing sensors that detect when a person comes in close proximity to the wearer, and moves spiderish appendages outward to ward them off. It’s an intricate piece that took months to design, then print on SLS machines and power by Pololu servos.

Counter to its intended goal, the dress received constant attention from crowds of CES attendees, including Nick Verreos, contestant on season two of Project Runway (the best season, in my opinion). You’ll spot him at the end of the video.

spider dress 2