Cesar Alvarez designed the 13-foot-high Rodafonio for the theater company Factoria Circular


Mobile bands (not the cellular kind) playing while on the go are nothing new. In fact, there was a festival (Streetcar Mobile Music Fest) in Portland, Oregon back in October of last year, where different bands played on street cars that traveled all over the city. While that may have been mobile, it certainly wasn’t as stylish as Factoria Circular’s Rodafonio — a giant wheel the band plays/rides on during their shows.


Designed by Cesar Alvarez, the Rodafonio is a 13-foot-high and 13-foot-wide metal wheel, with three smaller wheels on the inside that rotate while the band performs.

All five members ride the contraption, with three bandmates (drums, guitar and saxophone) sitting inside the wheels and two others who power the contraption in much the same fashion as riding a bike.

The Rodafonio was created for La Merce, an annual six-day music festival in Barcelona that features artists, bands, dancers and other performers that are meant to celebrate the Catholic Church’s Our Lady of Mercy Marion feast day.