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Drunken Oreos Recipe


Looking for some fun cocktails and snacks for your next soirée? Why not combine them into one sweet, alcoholic, little package with this depraved drunken Oreos recipe from FOODBEAST?

These corrupt concoctions are actually more like a mashup between Oreos and Jell-O shots, because Jell-O now makes Oreo-flavored pudding, so you simply replace the cream filling with a mixture of instant pudding, booze, and milk. It’s hard to say whether this diabolical dessert is sheer brilliance or evil incarnate, but I suppose there’s only one way to find out!

0 thoughts on “Drunken Oreos Recipe

  1. Ok, so now I will not be suggesting the Maker website to my students as a source for Making. Too bad, it had many great things for inspiring makers. But alas, alcoholic items are not appropriate content for schools.

    1. I did a quick search on Makezine’s site for items like “beer, wine, whiskey, vodka, liquor” and subtracted some terms like “wine cork” etc. There were about 922 results stretching back almost ten years. Articles about beer and wine homebrewing, liquor and cocktail recipes, even distillation. So I find it hard to believe that THIS article finally upset you…it indicates that you did not perform the slightest effort to research this site beforehand. If you believe that reading about alcohol will harm children, then you did not perform due diligence as a teacher to check over materials before using them.


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