Looking for an awesome family-friendly weekend project? If you’ve got creative kids who love painting, surprise them with an afternoon of color-filled DIY fun! Make your own set of homemade watercolor paints using ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen with this easy-to-follow tutorial from Amy Vowles on All Parenting.

Your kids will love getting to paint with watercolors that you made right at home! Kids can mix and match to make their paints in any color they can imagine, while Mom and Dad can rest easy knowing these paints are made from ingredients straight out of the pantry!


Kids will love mixing their own colors together to make custom favorites that they won’t find in store-bought paintboxes, and they’ll be learning while they play!

The best part for parents: Because these paints are made using common household ingredients, you don’t really need to plan ahead to make them, so this is a great craft idea to keep in your back pocket for those rainy or snowy days when playing outside just isn’t an option.

Ready to give it a try? Head on over to All Parenting to see the full how-to.