Here’s a great reason to start taking even more pet photos! This awesome project comes to us from Kia at With Lovely.

Take a clear contrasted image of your favorite four legged friend, and use it as a guide to create a jewelry charm through the crafty magic of Shrinky Dinks, a.k.a. shrink plastic # 6.


This technique would work with any animal silhouette, and of course with people too. Think of all the adorable personalized charms you can make and give away as gifts. I love the clever way Kia has used the tail and ear on these doggies to create a hole for the jump ring.


Can’t wait to get going? Get the full how-to here.

This project requires you to spray paint your charms, if you are thinking of going one step further to seal them you may want to check out the Dabbled Shrinky Dink Test Lab post. A lot of great information there about working with shrink plastic!