3D printers and steampunk don’t generally go together (feel free to correct me on this), but for some reason this one fits in quite nicely. It’s based on a Printrbot Go, which is built into an unstained folding wooden case. John decided to stain this case, and after adding a few bumpers, the closed 3D printer looks like something out of the 1800s… That is unless you’re looking at the LCD display in the upper-left corner of the box.

Although he never removed the LCD display, (As John points out in the comments below, the LCD was an upgrade, the GO did not come with one)John did replace the bluish one that came with it with an amber-colored display. It still might not pass inspection before the age of transistors, but it does at least fit the color scheme. To compliment, and perhaps distract from, the LCD, analog temperature and humidity dials were added on the opposite side of the enclosure. This decision was justified by the fact that these variables could affect print performance.

Finally, a bronze-colored extruder gear was added to give the internals a bit of steampunk-flavor to compliment the outside’s modifications. Up until this point, the exterior was made to look old, while the inside stayed new-looking. Everything looks great so far; if things keep going it may turn into something steam-powered that mechanically reads punch cards!