Between shipments for DIY-related work and the ease of online shopping, cardboard is a pretty abundant resource in my home, so I always delight in finding new project ideas that save a box or two from the recycle bin. And, like many of you fellow organization geeks out there, I’m especially happy when those new projects can help me bestow a little bit of order upon my home or studio. You too? You’ll love this simple yet creative DIY geometric shoe rack tutorial from Ananda at A Piece of Rainbow!

The biggest “Aha!” behind the design of this shoe rack is – we do not need to see BOTH shoes on a shoe rack! They can be placed one behind the other, so we can utilize the depth of a standard closet!


What I like best about this project is how sturdy and not-fussy the design is. It looks good—and the decorative tape around the openings is a nice touch—but, when it comes down to it, it’s mostly just a deeply functional item that repurposes household trash in a smart and straight-forward way. And I can definitely get behind that.

Ready to give it a try? Head on over to A Piece of Rainbow to see the full how-to.