When I was a kid, a giant cardboard box was just about the best toy ever. My friends and I built forts, castles, and storefronts. We used them as sleds, cars, and rockets, and we even got inside them and rolled down hills. (In retrospect, the latter was probably a bad idea. But it sure was fun!) In short, boxes were the best, which is why I’m so pleased to see tons of really creative cardboard projects popping up all over the crafty internet lately. One of my favorites: This amazing DIY cardboard food truck from Estéfi Machado. (The project is written in Spanish, so you might want run it through Google translate if needed.)


With a little folding, some tape, and plenty of imagination, you can turn simple boxes into just about anything. If you haven’t yet introduced your kids to the magic or cardboard, I highly recommend that you do so immediately!

Or, if you have pets instead of kids, you can always make them a cardboard cat rocket with this Make-exclusive tutorial!