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The Most Entertaining Video About Glue You’re Likely to See
The surprising strength of 2 part epoxy!
The surprising strength of 2 part epoxy!

When it comes to woodworking, glue is often a point of confusion and concern for beginners. If you’re like me and your experience in the wood shop has been mainly based on trial and error, you may find yourself asking what glue you should use for what part of a project.

In this video, Linn has done a ton of that trial and error for us! Comparing all these glues to a point of failure is extremely helpful. Not to mention the fact that it is also just really fun to watch people test things.The miter joint is especially fun as it ends up holding surprising amounts of weight.

I wouldn’t recommend this as a complete scientific guide to glues or even a thorough glue review, but as an anecdotal reference it seems pretty helpful! I know I’ll be buying some two part epoxy (testing around 10:00).

Want to see more? You can find Linn on her site, Darbin Orvar.com



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