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Soak Up The Warmth With This DIY Adult-Sized Mermaid Lapghan


This crochet adult-sized mermaid lapghan is so clever that I was inspired to write a little song about it:

The cushions are always softer,
on somebody else’s chair.
You think about going outside,
but that is a judgement error.
Just look at this Mermaid Lapghan,
crocheted by Shelley Bunyard.
Perfect for a crafty book fan,
who’s dead set on chillin’ hard.

Yeah, I think that pretty much says it all.

[via Reddit]

30 thoughts on “Soak Up The Warmth With This DIY Adult-Sized Mermaid Lapghan

  1. I will not crochet this, but I do have money.. I will give it to whomever will make me this.. this needs to happen.

    1. If you’re on Facebook search From the Heart by Jenn and message me. I’ve already got interest in this and am about to put in my yarn order.

  2. That is awesome! I would also love the directions to make one for my granddaughter! She would “flip” over it!! Would you share the directions? Thank you in advance!

  3. How creative! Please share the pattern. There are a lot of little girls who would enjoy reading even more with their own mermaid tail.

  4. I need someone to make this for my daughter anybody? I have the money and need this done ASAP thanks

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