When it comes to sewing projects, sometimes simple is better. This is especially true when your project showcases materials that are so gorgeous and high-quality on their own that they really don’t need any extra dazzle to make them stand out.




Case in point: These simple yet luxurious wool blankets from Corinne’s Thread on The Purl Bee!

Unadulterated and pared-down, both Blankets celebrate the beauty of their fine materials, pure and simple. —Corinne

This project includes two options: You can sew a single-layer felted wool blanket or make a double-layer version that combines sturdy felted wool on one side and Liberty of London’s wonderful Tana Lawn on the other. (The second version just makes my little maker heart sing!) If you ask me, these blankets are pretty much guaranteed to spread joy while fighting those wintertime chills!