When Alaskan resident Bill Guernsey got into a serious plane crash and broke his back and fractured seven ribs, he knew he was going to be laid up for a long, long time. But rather than let that get the best of him, he decided to use the time to finally design and then build his dream camper. And what a dream it is — a 16-foot bright red atomic age rocket camper — which ultimately took Bill two years to complete.

Features of this sweet little 50s B-movie icon-on-wheels include portal windows, solar power, kitchen, bathroom, and power and environmental control panels complete with needle gauges, segment displays, gem lights, and toggle switches. And for as tiny as the camper is, it actually looks very liveable inside. Besides the fun and inherent awesomeness of the project itself, to build and to camp in, one can never underestimate the joy and wonder a rig like this generates as it blasts down a highway.

The Instructable that Bill has put up is more of a gallery than a how-to, but it gives you some details of the build.