To the right kind of maker, charming old wood-frame windows can be a downright irresistible flea market or roadside find. There’s just something about them that begs to be rescued and turned into something awesome. And, since they’re not generally the most energy-efficient option for modern homes, they’re actually pretty easy to score, especially in neighborhoods with old homes that are upgrading to more draft-resistent options.



I’m and organization geek who never could resist chipped paint or the wealth of creative options provided by large things that are subdivided into sections, and to my delight, old windows are generally lousy with both.

I think April from House by Hoff and I must be on the same page about such things, because I’m feeling totally inspired by both her chalkboard window calendar project and her window bathroom towel rack tutorial. I especially like the way she combined her weekly calendar with coat hooks, and I can totally see it becoming the go-to spot for keeping a busy family on trackā€”if you have to stop by to get your coat, it doesn’t take any additional effort to glance at the day’s schedule to make sure you’re not forgetting anything!

I tend to be drawn to DIY projects that are practical rather than projects that are exclusively decorative, but I love that these two pieces of window inspiration have both form and function beautifully covered!