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Iron Man, Optimus Prime, and More Become Tiffany Glass Lamp Legends


Iron Man Lamp

I’ve seen some incredible fan art in my day, but I really lit up when I spotted these amazing stained glass lamps by Michael McLane.

He uses the Tiffany Glass Technique to create these three dimensional glowing heads. I just love to see these age old traditional hand crafts being applied to pop culture icons. The fractured patterns with the dark outlines work really well to emphasize these animated characters and symbols. I think my favorite is actually the Captain America Shield since it seems to fall somewhere in between a traditional design you’d see in a church window, but at the same time it is undeniably the trademark of a super hero.

Would you love to own one of these handmade beauties? They are available to purchase on Michael’s Etsy shop. More images of his work can be found on his Deviant Art page.

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  1. What’s the legal word on something like this? Just curious — lots of makers and crafters do stuff like this but wondering about the legality.

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