Pretty much everything about melting down old crayons to create fun new shapes and colors makes me happy. The multi-color results always look so cool, and I love the idea of turning those too-short ends and broken crayons into something new, beautiful, and useful. Plus, the fun, chunky shapes currently available in silicone pans and trays seem absolutely perfect for little hands!


I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of melting crayons to make new shapes. It’s a great way to re-purpose old, stubby crayons and bring them back to life!

Repurposing old crayons into new shapes is a great family-friendly activity, and a fantastic way to give creative kids a chance to make their own unique color combinations. The finished crayons also make wonderful gift-toppers, goody bag additions, or party favors.

Ready to give it a try? This St. Patrick’s Day-inspired shamrock crayons tutorial from Agnes at Hello, Wonderful will show you how it’s done!