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Thinify Your Project Enclosure Using Layers of PCB


Enclosure design can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, it is a task that nearly every project will require. A forum user at the EEVblog has taken a very elegant approach to his enclosure design by constructing the entire thing from PCB. One possible benefit from this design is that getting PCB milled might be much cheaper for short runs than tooling up for injection molding. Of course, at a certain quantity those scales would tip and constructing every unit from PCB would become inefficient. Surely that is a problem he would hope to have!

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the case is made on that 2.5mm Aluminium metal core PCB for the power components then there are two spacers or 1.6mm FR4 followed by the main board with all the smaller parts then another two FR4 1.6mm spacers and on top the front PCB with the capacitive buttons and cut out for the LCD.

In case you’re curious just what exactly this device is, it is a battery management system for solar panels. There is currently a kickstarter happening or this project.


If you want more details on his process, you can follow the forum thread at the EEVblog.



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