Tiny kids in awesome hand-knit hats are pretty much the cutest, especially when those hats are shaped like adorable animals. (Bonus points for ears!) So, obviously, a toddler bunny hat creates a serious must-share-with-all-my-parent-friends situation!


This is super easy because it is knit flat and seamed (you could certainly do it in the round as well). All you need to know for this hat is how to knit, purl and decrease (there is very little decreasing, so fear not). This hat will fit 2T to 3T (small 4T) (add some stitches or take some away to adjust fit for a larger or smaller child!).

I think you’ll agree that this knit toddler bunny hat pattern from Mama in a Stitch brings the cute. Plus, with Easter right around the corner, it’d be a perfect non-sugar surprise to balance out those sweet Easter basket treats!

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