Crazed tabletop gamer Helge, who runs the blog Wargaming Workshop, has built the ultimate wargaming room. The spacious, carpeted, and well-lit room is big enough to house a 4′ x 8′ terrain board and up to six players.


The room also features a dedicated painting station and dedicated terrain making and miniatures photography area, along with locked (kid-proofed) display storage cabinets for up to 6,000 miniatures, visible storage for terrain pieces, cabinets and drawers for stowing terrain tiles, gaming pieces, modelingmaterials, and more.

And, to keep the game room clean and dust-free, there’s even a separate room for terrain-building, drilling, sanding, cutting, and spray painting. No word on what sort of magical spell Helge had to cast over his family, and his wallet, to make such a dream become reality.